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In the last few years, the whole market share is occupied by android or ios. In 2017 almost 99.6% market share was occupied by the android or ios. Now even Nokia and blackberry launched android phones so, now almost 100% market share is occupied by the android or ios.

Both of the operating system performs very well and both have lots of similarities. So now the question arises which is better and which one you should buy? so here we going to discuss about the both of the operating systems but ultimately the best operating is system is the one which matches with your priorities.



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If it comes to pricing the apple’s ios is on the top of the list. iPhone X costs around 1000$ and iPhone 8 costs around 700$. Price of ios is too high but if you have a low budget then you can buy iPhone SE which costs around 350$ or can also go for iPhone 6s  which costs around 450$.

Nowadays the price of latest android phones are also too high like google pixel 2 costs 650$ and Samsung Galaxy S9 cots 720$ but still, there are lots of android phone which you can buy at a low budget and the even low budget market is fully occupied by the Android devices. It also comes with free apps so android is the best choice for budget conscious.

So, if you want to buy a low budget smartphone then you should go for an android device.


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Battery life is the most concerned issue for a smartphone user. We don’t have any device to measure the battery life. For a long, time the android phones are considered better than iPhone in battery life but the latest iPhone like iPhone x and iPhone 8 offers wireless charging and fast charging.

Still, we can say that ios squeeze the more battery per mAH. Android has lots of options for smartphones which comes with high battery capacity and can run more longer then ios.

So, if you want a smartphone with good battery life then you should go with Android.


The app store of iPhone has fewer apps as compared to play store.

App store = 2.1 million

Play store = 3.5 million

Play store has more apps as compared to the app store in the numbers game but this number doesn’t matter a lot as both devices have the most popular apps. App store has lots of restrictions which prevent their device from fake apps but play store doesn’t have this kind of restrictions.

Some of the app developers even complained that it’s really difficult for them to create the apps and games for android with the good graphics quality and even every new app and game first launched on ios and some of the apps and games take huge time to comes to android play store.

So play store have lots of apps but Apple has good quality and newly launched apps. so in this section ios clearly wins the race.


People who want to control their phone and wants to customize their phone as per there preference they always go for android. Android allows everybody to customize their phone as per there preference you can easily customize your phone’s theme, add widgets and can even change the user interference with launchers.

But when it comes to iPhone you can’t customize them you can only change the background and add some widgets.  iPhone doesn’t give you the same freedom as android gives.

If you want to customize your phone and wants to change the layout of your phone then you should go for android


This is a troublesome class to call. Before we’ve contended that Apple does the best employment catching lighting, shading, and different points of interest, yet the most recent Android cell phones are providing a reason to feel ambiguous about a great deal of that affirmation. Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL brag the best cameras we’ve utilized up until this point, however the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X approach.

The camera applications on the two stages are great and quick. For usability and best outcomes without tweaking, the iOS camera application takes the cake. There’s more minor departure from Android basically in light of the fact that OEMs tend to include their own particular camera applications with heaps of highlights, some great, somewhere in the range of somewhat gimmicky. We will give this one to iOS, yet with the admonition that the best Android telephones, especially the Pixel 2, offer the best cell phone camera encounter around.


If you care a lot about the security of your phone then you should go for iPhone. It comes with the best security system.

In a study, it revealed that  98% of virus, malware etc. and in the same study it also revealed that 0.5% is for iPhone and even Google Android team admits that “We can not guarantee that Android is designed to be safe.

We can’t say that the iPhone is 100% safe but we can say that the security system of the iPhone is much better then android. so if you want security then go with the iPhone.


If you want regular updates and loves to keep your phone updated then go with iPhone. iPhone provides timely and consistent updates and if you want the same experience with android then the only option you have is google pixel they also offers consistent and timely updates.

In a study, almost 90% of iPhone is running with the latest version but only 8% android phones are are running with Android 8.1

So, if you want the latest features and security updates then you should go with iPhone.


Early, iPhone maps have lots of problems but now they improved there maps to give a good competition to google maps. Both of the apps have almost the same features like accurate distance, driving and walking directions, traffic conditions etc.

Still, there are some differences as well. google maps shows the cycling directions but iPhone doesn’t show the cycling directions. Google maps are easy to use as compared to iPhone maps that’s why Google maps are prefered by lots of individuals.






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