Now a days, gaming channels are in trend and especially after the launching of games like PUBG and Fortnite lots of Youtube users showed their interest in watching the gameplay of other players.

If you think that you can stream the game live only from PC then you are wrong, There are lots of apps which helps you to stream live or record your games on mobile. If you are Indian and watch the gameplay of PUBG on youtube then you definitely heard of Mortal, he also streams live from his smartphone.

In this article, I will help you to stream your game live on youtube. I recommend you to use Youtube gaming for streaming live or recording. This is youtube’s own app dedicated to gaming channels.

For streaming live through youtube gaming you only need a strong WiFi connection.



1. Download the Youtube gaming app and sign in.

2.  Now after signing in, Click on your avatar(top right corner) and select Go live.

3. Now, you have to select the stream. You can either stream in 480p SD or 720p HD. You need a strong wifi connection to stream in 720p HD.

YouTube, live stream, youtube gaming

4. After selecting the stream, read the acknowledge and check whether your stream is public or not. Anything on your screen like notification and call will be recorded and the microphone captures the game audio from speakers so, don’t forget to turn up the sound.

YouTube, live stream, youtube gaming

5. Now select the app you want to stream and then enter the title and description.

6. If you have a youtube channel but live streaming isn’t enabled then follow a simple flow to verify the account.

7. Now, click Start to launch your game. You’ll see a floating video bubble with live streaming settings.

8. Click on the stream icon.

9. After the 3 seconds of the countdown, your stream will live.

The pulsing red record icon indicates you that you are live on youtube. Tap on the floating video bubble and then click on the red stop icon to stop the live stream.

If your network isn’t strong then enough to stream your game live then status bar will warn you.

If you want to show your face reactions as well then turn your camera on and tap on the camera icon.

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