pubg hacks, pubg

As soon as the game was launched on play store and app store the game has broken various records in just a few weeks. Before launching on play store or app store the game was only available on the PC version. The game has received a huge 5-star rating and becomes the no. 1 action game in play store. There are lots of Pro player in a game to beat them you have to play like them but there are several PUBG hacks which helps you to win the game.


pubg hacks, pubg

You can play it in solo, duo, or squad with you and your friend together. There are 2 modes in the game classic or arcade both modes have different maps you can select any one and can play with your friend.

In classic mode, there are 100  players in the game. In arcade mode, there are 4 maps i.e war, mini-zone, quick match, sniper all 4 maps have different no. of players. To win the game you have to survive till the end. The team or a player who survives will be the winner and can enjoy chicken dinner.

The gameplay is very addictive and has a good quality of graphics and the game is challenging too you have to make strategies to survive till the end.



STEP 1:-

first of all, you need a rooted Android smartphone to hack this game. If you don’t have the rooted android device then you can’t hack this game

STEP 2:-

Now,  if you have a rooted Android smartphone then download Game Guardian Apk and install it.

STEP 3:-

After downloading Game Guardian Apk you have to enable unknown source.  Setting > security > unknown sourcepubg hacks, pubg , how to hack pubg mobile

STEP 4:-

After installing game guardian Apk, open Game Guardian and minimize it and run pubg.

how to hack pubg mobile, pubg hack , pubg

 STEP 5:-

After the game loaded,  tap on the GameGuardian icon and after that press the menu  and afterward tap on ‘Execute Script’

how to hack pubg mobile, pubg hack, pubg

STEP 6:-

Now you have to locate the folder where you saved” PUBG Mobile.lua script” and then tap on‘Execute’.

how to hack pubg mobile, pubg hacks , pubg


STEP 7:-

Now the game will load again and after loading tap on the Game Guardian Apk icon and then open “New Bypass”. Open the Game Guardian Apk after loading of Tencent logo.

how to hack mobile, pubg hacks , pubg

STEP 8:-

Now the script will be loaded to the game you would now be able to choose different hacks. For instance,  if you want to execute the Wallhack, at that point pick Wallhack menu and after that select the choice according to your desire.

How to hack pubg mobile, pubg hack, pubg

After all of the above steps, your PUBG game is hacked. Now you can kill more players without any strategies.


If you follow the above steps and hacked the game and it is detected by the game developers then your PUBG account can be ban permanently. Above hack is less risky as it’s difficult to detect it but still, there is a 1% chance that your account may be detected by the developer. If your account is reported by somebody then there is a high chance that your account can be permanently banned.

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