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Most of you have visited lots of websites and see many different ways to hack the Instagram account but after trying that method you surely failed or can’t understand the procedure. Most have used brute forcing Instagram and other social media but failed because these apps do not work at all.

If you tried lots of ways of hacking Instagram account but failed then try this one you will surely learn what is real hacking.

Lots of people are searching for this but they won’t get any result. So, here I create a step by step procedure which will surely give you the result. I do it with Linux only Python script i.e Instagram-py



I recommend you to use Kali Linux otherwise you choose any Linux. If your operating system is window then you can directly live boot to Kali Linux and use it. You don’t have to install it on your computer.

You need a flash drive with at least 8 GB storage space to run live boot easily

For creating a live Boot just follow the instruction below

  • Download the official Kali Linux image
  • Download Rufus and run it and it looks something like this
  • hack instagram account,
  • In Rufus, select the flash drive as your device
  • Select MBR for the target system and partition scheme.
  • Give your new volume label any name
  • Select ISO Image from the drop-down list
  • Click Disk Icon to browse Kali Linux ISO image file from your computer
  • Now, click on the start button to start the process
  • After clicking on the start button, you have a bootable flash drive that can live boot you Kali Linux.
  • Now remove the Flash drive and shut down the pc
  •  After all of the above steps turn on your PC, select live boot from the menu after you see the Kali Linux Splash Screen.


I will use apt-get package manager as it is the default for Kali Linux

Open a new terminal in Kali Linux and execute these controls

hack instagram account, kali linux

After executing the controls, you have successfully installed Instagram-PY in Kali Linux.


Now configure Tor Server. Tor is a server which hides your network traffic. Execute this command to edit the Tor configuration in Kali Linux.

hack instagram account

Now select the line which look likes the image given below, #controlport 9051 and delete the only # from it

hack instagram account

Start the Tor server with the new configuration

hack instagram account

Now configure Instagram-py and execute the command

hack instagram account

please note that the default configuration will only work if you are using Tor’s default configuration

Now everything is done so, just find a victim and attack


For a simple attack, execute this command in terminal

hack instagram account

That’s all you have to do to hack the Instagram account. It is quite easy and helps you to learn to hack as well.


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