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We all love  the high powered Guns which can kill the person in one shoot at the time of war. Weapons manufacturer are constantly producing a guns which ca create a mass destruction. There are lots of types of weapons in the world which can even kill thousands of lives. the weapon manufacturer created lots of guns in the last 10 years and keep creating a new guns to kill the enemy with single shoot.

All guns are dangerous but here are some guns who are in the top of the list of deadliest guns. So, here is the list of 7 deadliest guns in the world



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The tracking point is an american applied technology company which manufacture precision-guided firearms. The company is situated in Texas. They produces a firearms with tracking scope which can turn any normal rifle into a smart rifle.

The tracking point guns are  most deadliest guns in the world. This guns makes all sort of calculations and make sure that the shoot is accurate and effective it tracks the target and even able to  the trigger.

The tracking point are keep upgrade there guns and launched the night vision app which the shooter to shoot easily in the nights as well. The maximum lock range of these guns are 400 yard. You can even connect the vision with your mobile phone or laptop so, you don’t even have to look through scope just connect your device and look at them and fire.


Guns , Best guns ,  AS50 sniper, sniper rifle

A British company manufacturer, named  Accuracy International manufactured this sniper. this sniper is the most deadliest sniper in the world. This sniper is designed for British army and for U.S NAVY. It can fire 5 rounds in 1.6 seconds which is faster than any other sniper or rifle.

This range of this sniper is 1800m and the caliber of this gun is 12.7mm. It’s very easy to carry it as the weight of the sniper is 14.1kg and can be easily  disassembled in less than 3 minutes. It’s one sack can hold .50 BMG .

This gun is manufactured to hit the target from the long distance. This   sniper is also known for it’s accuracy.


HK416, Guns , best guns , top 7 deadliest guns, deadliest gunsThis gun is designed by Heckler and Koch. This gun looks like a M4 carbine but it’s the upgraded version of M4 carbine. This gun has a feature named “winter guard” which helps the shooter to use the gun after wearing gloves due to which you can’t find the fingerprint on the gun.

This gun can fire up to 900 rounds per minute and it also uses a short stroke piston. It usually comes with 30 round stick magazine but you can change it to 100 round drum magazine. It can be used in both modes semi automatically and automatically.

HK416 gun popularly known as the gun which used to kill Osama Bin Laden in 2011.


best guns, AK-47 , Best rifles in the world, deadliest guns in the world

AK-47 is designed by  the late Mikhail Kalashnikov(Russian general and military arms expert). This gun is one of the most dangerous gun in the world and often found in the  hands of the local terrorist. This gun has a very distinct look and can easily be recognizable.

This gun is chambered for 7.62x39mm cartridge and can be used with either stick magazine and drum magazine. This gun can fire 600 round per minute and can fire at a range of 300 m that’s why this gun is so dangerous.


Assault rifle, top guns, best guns , deadliest gun , weapons

This rifle looks like it designed out of some science fiction movie. This rifle is designed by  FN Herstal, a Belgium firearms company. This gun is totally automatic. This gun was reveled at the IDEX defense exhibition that was held in Abu Dhabi in the year 2001.

The range of this gun is 500m and it can fire 850 rounds in a single minute which is very dangerous. The caliber is  5.56mm and magazine capacity is 30. This assault  rifle is gas operated.


Best guns, deadliest rifle, MG4 ,

This gun is designed by Heckler and Koch. The weight of this gun is around 8.15 kg that’s it’s a type of light machine gun. This gun is one of the most deadliest gun ever. This gun has extreme fire power and lots of capabilities which makes it’s handler like a one man army. 

This gun is gas operated. It is chambered for  5.56x45mm NATO  cartridges.  It’s usually comes with 30 round magazine. The firing range of this gun is around 500m. 

This gun is mostly famous for it’s firing rate which is 900 rounds per minute. This feature makes it one of the deadliest gun in the world. You can’t save yourself if your enemy has this gun and stands in front of you.


uzi, guns , deadliest gun , best guns , top gun

This gun is designed by  Major Uziel Gal of the Israel Defense forces. It’s a type of sub machine gun. It was first introduced in 1954. This gun has both fire power and accuracy.

The weight of the gun is around 3.5kg it’s the lightest gun ever. It is mostly used as a  personal defense weapon by military personnel.

It is chambered for 9mm  cartridges. The firing rate of this gun is 600 rounds per minute and the range is 200m. As this is light in weight with such a high firing rate it becomes famous between criminal.

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